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The bank identification number is a unique number which can be used to search a bin database to check credit card information and thus prevent online credit.
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Tokenization enables the customer to make a purchase without having to input card details or personal information, apart from the CVV number. This process is typically used by merchants that have repeat customers who will benefit from a faster checkout by reducing the number of fields the customer needs to fill in. If the card issuer requires 3D secure verification process, the customer will still have to complete this to make a purchase.

In order for this process to work, the customer enters all of the card information only during the very first time they make a purchase. After this process has been completed, each time they make a payment from hereon out, they only have to input the CVV. Recurring payment takes it a step further and allows the customer to make a purchase with a single click on the website.

This means that they can skip the process of inputting their card details, personal information, CVV number and 3D secure. The customer will have to enter the card details and complete the 3D secure verification process only during the first time they make a purchase. By eliminating the extra steps, you are able to create a more seamless and easy checkout process, which may lead to a lower drop-off rate.

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DOKU accept bank account debit payment and consumer financing payment. All of it is categorized as internet banking payment. Below are the list of internet banking channels and the supported API:. Virtual Account Number is issued for banks or convenience stores payment.

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To integrate direct inquiry, merchant should respond payment inquiry as defined in this specification. DOKU provide feature for merchant to check status of the payment transaction. Due to security purpose, not all special characters are allowed in parameters sent. Special characters allowed by DOKU are:. This parameter value is hashed using 4 options hash method with combination of Shared Key.

If match, then it will be considered genuine request or response. URL that can be configured are:. Airlines merchant is required to send some additional specific parameters on payment request. Below are the parameters:. Credit Card Installment payment require some additional specific parameters on payment request. Allow Merchant to identify the payment channel that Customer has chosen.

Feel free to use or not use this process based on your business process and requirement. Notify API allows Merchant to have a real-time payment status notification. Below are the list of sample functions:.

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To get started on your integration, follow these steps one by one by pasting the template scripts onto your website. Prepare your HTML pages as seen in the template, and customize accordingly. Step 1 : Insert the doku Step 4 : Insert the template script where you wish the payment form to appear on your website. When completed correctly, the payment form should appear as seen below, and you may start receiving payments immediately. The DOKU script only provides the four fields to be filled in by the customer. Due to potential fraud, Indonesia is a 3D Secure market, where customer authentication is required to proceed with the transaction.

Not all issuing banks in Indonesia have implemented 3D secure, but the majority of them have. You can retrieve the posted data from the form within your server. Then send the payment request to the DOKU server to be processed using our sample function. In order to apply the BIN filter, you must insert the following conditions into a prepayment request.

The prepayment request must be sent before the actual payment request. You can add several conditions by separating with a comma. Afterwards, you may insert your original payment request form. The javascript with the additional parameter will generate the following payment form, which enables the customer to save their credit card, for faster payment.

Step 3 : For subsequent payments, retrieve the token from your database and send it to the DOKU server. History and Electronic Artefacts. Oxford University Press. Everyday Cryptography: Fundamental Principles and Applications. Wiley Publishing.

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Digital Transactions. Retrieved Los Angeles Times. Retrieved 21 August National Institute of Standards and Technology. United States Department of Commerce. October Hewlett Packard Enterprise. IDG Enterprise. John Atalla". Purdue University. Retrieved 2 October The Business Journals.

American City Business Journals. May 2, Retrieved 23 July May 5, Journal of Cryptographic Engineering. In fact, an estimated 70 percent of all banking ATM transactions in the USA are routed through specialized Atalla hardware security modules. Retrieved 22 July The transactions are done through the ICT base devices and accounted I the books of the banks through online mode o real time basis.

"What is a BIN (Bank Identification Number)?" — 2Checkout E-Commerce Glossary

Additionally, transactions through BCs are done on the basis of our biometrics or a pin number and thus no one else can do transactions in our account. Direct Benefit Transfer is a scheme under which subsidies are directly transferred to the beneficiary accounts. Aadhar enabled DBT is where subsidies are directly transferred to the Aadhar Linked accounts of the beneficiaries, through Aadhar reference. These customers can receive their benefit payment form the Government in these accounts. For linking, the primary account holder will carry the original Aadhaar letter and submit the following documents at branch:.

However, transaction relation to customers having account with the bank ie. Ans: One aadhaar number can be linked to only one Account. Therefore, it is advisable to link Aadhaar number to only one account in only one bank. Though AAadhaar number he can do interoperability transaction that is transaction with other banks. KYC with Aadhaar number. The main aim of Financial Literacy Centre FLC is to guide people in all aspects of money management and help them to improved financial literacy, have proper control on their finances and proper organize monthly financial commitment, to understand various fact of Finance, help in taking informed decision.

Ans: FLC center are established with a view of help all those who are in need to advise on financial management. The service offered at Centre are absolutely at no cost to the client.

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  • More importantly confidentiality is ensured. The counselor will fix mutually convenient date and time for one counseling session. Mostly the advice given instantly. Ans: The counseling session will help the customer in understanding and drawing a most appropriate solution to manage finances. In case a debt, the counselor may provide further assistance by contracting the customer's banker to consider the plan and if fits into guidelines set out by the banker it will save you from further action, penal interest etc.

    Bank of India Allahabad Bank. FAQ's Q. What is saving?

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    Ans: When income is more than expenses, than we have surplus money known as saving. Why should one save? Where to save? Why save in bank?

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    Ans: Money kept in bank is safe, secure and trusted upon. What are the advantages of having bank account? What is interest?

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    What is overdraft, how is it different from other loans? What is nomination? What is debt?