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San Quentin State Prison (SQ). Main Phone:() Physical Address: Main Street, San Quentin, CA (Directions) Inmate Programs.
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In some 20 acres 8 hectares of land were acquired at San Quentin, overlooking San Francisco Bay. Convicts began constructing the building later that year, and the cell blocks were completed in San Quentin State Prison originally featured 48 windowless cells, which were designed to hold inmates, though that number was quickly exceeded. In addition to male inmates, the prison housed female prisoners until Initially, San Quentin was under private management.

Individuals were awarded contracts to run the facility, and in return they were allowed to hire out the inmates. The arrangement proved ripe for abuse.


Lessors were accused of profiteering and mismanagement, as prisoners were subjected to inhumane living conditions and brutal punishments. In addition, lax security allowed for frequent prison escapes; in more than 80 prisoners broke out of San Quentin.

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Complaints increased during the lease of John F. The following year McCauley successfully sued to reclaim the seized property. However, his return to San Quentin proved short-lived as he accepted a settlement from California in August to end his contract. After the state resumed control of the prison, lieutenant governors were initially appointed to also serve as wardens. However, this practice ended in with J.

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Ames, who became the first warden whose sole job was to run the prison. Under his oversight, floggings and whippings were banned. Other notable wardens include James A. Johnston, whose tenure —25 brought improved medical treatment and the creation of educational and vocational training. He also replaced corporal punishment with solitary confinement. Duffy also discontinued the use of solitary confinement, though the practice was later reinstated.

A vocal advocate of rehabilitation, she instituted a wide range of programs. The various wardens also oversaw numerous expansions and renovations of San Quentin. Construction in the s included several factory-type structures, a wall surrounding the complex, and a second hospital.

A dramatic increase in the inmate population in the early 20th century necessitated additional buildings. With these expansions, the grounds also increased and eventually covered some acres hectares. In a gas chamber was installed, and it remained in use until , when lethal injection was adopted. As the sole state facility to hold executions, San Quentin housed a number of serial killers and other murderers, notably Charles Manson , who was arguably its most famous inmate.

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Login Subscribe. A state prison inmate who escaped from a Mendocino County conservation camp Friday was found and apprehended in Vallejo on Monday. Jonathan Washington, 31, escaped from the Chamberlain Creek Conservation Camp sometime between a.

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Authorities were unsure how Washington escaped from the facility. The conservation camp is one of 44 camps operated by state corrections staff and Cal Fire with the primary purpose of providing fire crews for fire suppression. Monday, according to a prepared statement from the corrections department. Details about how he was located were not available as of press time. Andrew Porter said Washington had been convicted of vandalism and domestic violence.