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Oak Creek has 27 registered sex offenders listed on the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry. Only 9 of the 27 are on active supervision. According.
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Yes, his registered status may well be for life. I would not call someone a thief if he was at one time a thief but has been rehabilitated and not stolen anything in years. A sex offender, to me, is someone who is actively engaged in that activity. Once someone has made the choice to live a law-abiding life and is trying to be re-assimilated into the community, he is a former offender or a registrant or a registered citizen.

Words have a great deal of power; words are my tools and weapons. A convicted speeder is a convicted speeder. A convicted murderer is a murderer. A convicted sex offender is a sex offender. You are imposing your bias and frankly polyanna attitudes into this story. Studies show that they have offended many more times than the event they were convicted for. Mr Rosa raped a 15 year old girl who was a friend of his daughters. Leah, to wish for the death of another person—I assume, in spite of what you wrote, that you were wishing for Mr.

I know none of the details of the crime of which he was convicted, as you seem to do, but, again assuming that you are correct, I have nothing but sympathy for his victim and pray she has healed and recovered. You will notice that nothing I have said is in defense of the crime committed. Well said Sandy. None of us even almost condone the crimes committed by sex offenders be it rape, incest, child molestation, etc. Those crimes are deserving of serious punishment. What I am against is poor legislation that actually destabilizes these offenders by cutting them off from the basic human needs we all have, criminal or not.

There is nothing more repugnant to common decency than forcing someone to be homeless even in the harshest of cold, wet, storms, etc. Build shelters? Good idea but a better idea should be for you to let Rosa live with you. People and politicians of her mindset are the true reason the laws are the way they are.

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The only way people like her change their tune is when someone they really, really love gets labeled a sex offender. Elected officials have the right to a fair trial before they are shot for their treason. This is more than they offer anyone else. Poor rapist who fed vodka to his daughters friend at the Redroof hotel in Oak Creek then sexually assaulted the 15 year old.

Maybe they can recharge their batteries for their sleep apnea machines. Just a thought, how can he be so over weight being homeless? The tax payers or Milwaukee County Zoo?

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I think this ordinance is unconstitutional. My boyfriend was 17 and his kids mother was He was waived as an adult and has to be labeled as a sex offender. He has had to move twice since this ordinance has came into effect. I Just wish it was some kind of way for him to get this off his name since he was so young when it happened. I am not excusing what happened however how many of us have made poor decisions in our past?

Do we have to pay for it for the rest of our lives.

Sex offender banned from Sauk Co. nursing home after fellow residents victimized

What about murderers, arsonist and every other horrible crime that was committed. Are these people being singled out? I want and pray some thing changes soon. He told me today he wants to give up!! His dad molested his step daughter and threatened all of the children involved even made the little girl lie and say that her step brother did it when the mother of the children knew that her husband had done this but she did not want him to go to jail because he was the main provider for them.

Then just about a year ago my ex husband was convicted of child molestation with his step daughters , his biological daughter caught him in the act he was put in jail and went to prison. The situation you find yourself in is the very impetus behind sex offender legislation.

I have acquired a degree, a good job, a girl friend of several years and want to buy a home for us since I can finally afford it. What should I do? I have no options. No help. No support. Those who fear me are ignorant.

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Those who hate me are more dangerous with that hate than I am with the foolishness of my past. How did the police find out? You being charged and forced to register might have saved a child from your sick fantasies. These people are going to have to live somewhere. When you push them all out of one community they have to go somewhere.

That overtaxes already stretched resources in other jurisdictions. Have them tell you the second one tries to approach them in any way. The news reports the most shocking cases because that generates ratings and boosts viewing. It could be a youth minister at church, the minister, a coach, a family member, a trusted family friend…The stranger danger everyone is so hysterical about rarely happens. Stranger sexual abuse is the rarest form. There are apps out there now that are designed from the ground up to evade any and all parental monitoring measures. They are designed to be hidden from parents.

I recently read this, but cannot remember where I saw it. There are apps out there now aimed at kids who want to circumvent parental monitoring of their phone or tablet activities, so beware. At least he was honest enough to tell what he did. I know lots of people discount Wikipedia, but they require legitimate documentation for articles to be posted. They require legitimate source materials. Here is an article that details the research into the correlation between a person viewing child pornography and actually sexually abusing a child. Relationship between child pornography and child sexual abuse From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

A range of research has been conducted examining the link between viewing child pornography and perpetration of child sexual abuse, and much disagreement persists regarding whether a causal connection has been established.

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  4. Viewing child pornography increases the likelihood of a individual committing child sexual abuse. Viewing child pornography decreases the likelihood of an individual committing child sexual abuse. Reasons are that the pornography acts as a substitute for actual offenses. Simulated child pornography is suggested as an alternative so that real children are not harmed. There is no correlation between viewing child pornography and acts of child sexual abuse, or that available evidence is insufficient to draw any conclusions at all.

    One perspective is that exposure to child pornography promotes criminal sexual intent that otherwise would not exist. The promotion may take place via material that legitimizes sexual interest in minors. Anonymity or belief that anonymity exists may further loosen the internal restraints, facilitated by still or moving images, which makes actual criminal sexual behavior with children more probable if the person was already sexually motivated toward children, or, by creating new sexual interests in children.

    Sex Crime Lawyers in Common Wisconsin Cities

    A review article states that these are plausible hypotheses,[4] but that there is a lack of clarity as to the general applicability of these mechanisms. A report by the U. Frequency of pornography use was primarily a further risk factor for higher-risk offenders, when compared with lower-risk offenders, and use of highly deviant pornography correlated with increased recidivism risk for all groups. One-third were concurrently charged with other crimes at the time they were charged for child pornography offenses.

    Child pornography offenders with prior criminal records were significantly more likely to offend again in any way during the follow-up period. Child pornography offenders who had committed a prior or concurrent contact sexual offense were the most likely to offend again, either generally or sexually. According to the Mayo Clinic of the U.

    Dennis Howitt disagrees with such research, explaining the weakness of correlational studies. The most reasonable assessment based on the available research literature is that the relationship between pornography, fantasy and offending is unclear.