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But interestingly, the Z11 engine block is actually a production model, even to the point of sharing the same casting number. For the Z11, it's all about the.
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Many of the aluminum intake manifolds were manufactured by outside contractors such as Winters Industries in Ohio. Their trademark were easy to spot and featured what looked like a snowflake with a "W" in the center of it. This mark is also used to help identify authentic factory GM aluminum engine parts.

Please note that the Weiand Performance intake manifold is not identified this way.

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Factory Chevy manifolds are marked with casting date codes that are alpha numeric. They start with a letter indicating the month, followed by 1 or 2 numbers that determine the month,then one more number the indicates the year of the decade. A little further inspection may be required to determine which decade. An oil filler tube would tell you that the intake manifold was produced in the 60's.

1961-1965 Chevrolet 409 V8 - The Ultimate Budget High Performance V8

Spread bore carburetor flanges made their first appearance in Here is an example, A The A tells us the first month of the year, 11 tells us the day 7 tells us the year. Since our manifold is a spread bore with an oil filler tube then we know we have a manifold from January 11, If the manifold has an EGR mounting boss then it tells us that the manifold was made in or later.

Temperature sending units were mounted via threaded hole into the water passage way at the front of Chevy intakes until late After that they mounted to a threaded boss in the cylinder head. This changed for the model year when the alternator was mounted on the right side with a bracket bolted to a stud threaded to the right side of the thermostat housing. During the early 70's the factory started to install the temperature sending unit back to the intake manifold. This required the movement of the thermostat housing and a new mounting bracket boss on the right front supporting the alternator bracket.

The best way to determine the year of the manifold is to check the casting number itself.

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Seven digit numbers generally belong to the vintage models and follow a rough sequence. The casting number is located on the front of the carrier on the bottom right corner. The rear axle casting date uses the fame format as the engine casting date. The assembly code consists of the application code, assembly date and assembly plant.

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One exception was in when the first letter of the application code was the plant. A — Detroit, B — Buffalo. On positraction axles, a letter for manufacturer of the posi unit will appear under the assembly code. Sample axle code: AB BB 3. The following will be a table of application codes for the axles used in the full-size Chevrolets. It was possible to change gear sets simply by swapping the pumpkin.

The Mark II Big Block

The carrier assembly came in both positraction and non-positraction versions. SW is station wagon. Sandalwood Tan with fawn bench seat interior. The 12C on the gearbox would appear to be a partial vin to a 72 chevy. Hello, we have Belair 65, wagon, made in Flint,Michigan.

We have problem with the colour,is it possible that its not mist blue,because in the car the color is lighter, is it possible that the color is or sky blue? Your email address will not be published. Typical Engine Pad The format of the engine code remained the same from through Plant-Month-Day-Application suffix code There were four plants that produced engines for the fullsize cars. DA CV ci H.

Chevy Big Block Identification

GI GE ci H. GI -- GE ci H. Chassis or M20 -- -- GC ci H. JI JJ? FG Police only. FY Taxi only. L66 - JT, JR. L72 - MD. Chassis 3. Chassis DF 3. Chassis 12 N H. DDB 3.?? Police DDS?? CDX 2.

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