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Search Oregon's white pages to lookup people, addresses, phone numbers and more. Oregon state The most populated city is Portland with , people.
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Fudge DVD. The Desire of Ages Gift Edition. Bargains: See all. Honestly, I'm Struggling. The Credit-Crunch Christian. Though The Redneck Manifesto argued for class unity against the rich, Goad now says equality of races is a myth and that racial separation is the natural order. If it was ambiguous who was in charge, that's when you got conflict. If there's one group completely in charge, things seemed to cool out.

The other thing that Goad decided while incarcerated? That his own suffering in jail far outweighed that of his victim.

In his memoir Shit Magnet , Goad writes that he had no sympathy at all for Ryan: After all, he'd been assaulted, too. When Goad got out of prison in late , he was treated like a leper. He began by designing strip-club magazine Exotic , where he was later promoted to editor. The book he wrote in prison, Shit Magnet , was devoted to Goad's toxic relationship with girlfriend Ryan while his wife was dying of ovarian cancer.

It was published in by then-Portland-based Feral House after being rejected by every major publisher in New York, according to a piece in The Village Voice. That piece noted that Goad was "something of a local pariah" and called Shit Magnet "part autobiography, part self-justification, part screed.

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Brutally honest without worrying about being correct," Palahniuk told the Portland Tribune when interviewed at the reading. Palahniuk, Faillace and Eudaly are the only Portlanders Goad speaks warmly about. Faillace still describes Goad as a friend and "fucking brilliant writer," but says they "respectfully disagree on a lot of things" and that the two haven't corresponded in a decade.

In an email to WW , Eudaly says her store had a policy at the time of accepting all books from local authors or publishers, without regard to content. But she says if she were running a bookstore now, she wouldn't host a reading by Goad.

That's not censorship, it's personal choice. In the years following his domestic abuse conviction, Goad complained about the increasingly "cold reception" he got from most of the writing community in Portland. Goad says he was "silenced" here. He was ready to go. He went two years without a single paid writing gig. Goad might have faded into obscurity were it not for Gavin McInnes, a longtime admirer. McInnes, recently departed from Vice Media , brought Goad aboard as a writer for a then-obscure website called Taki's.

Goad wasn't sure they'd have him. He confessed his criminal record and that he'd been to prison. It wasn't a problem. Though the alt-right may have started as a fringe movement, it's now seized a level of prominence unthinkable a few years ago—or at least unthinkable to most Portlanders. In a post titled "Smells Like Victory," penned Sept. A Trump victory would also lead to massive collective depression and rampant suicidal ideation in all the people that I genuinely hate.

As a political stance, this is hardly better than utter nihilism. But 20 years after it was written, The Redneck Manifesto is an eerie harbinger of the seething white resentment that now fuels a part of the American right.

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As opportunities for unskilled labor vanish, white trash is likely to get nasty. And politicized in ways that make you squirm. But according to many on the left and center of the political spectrum, Goad's not just chronicling that resentment: He's amplifying it. In the past, Goad's works have triggered fringe types, conspiracy theorists, and the simply unhinged. In , Francisco Duran fired 29 rifle shots at the White House, leaving an issue of Goad's zine and a hand-scrawled quote from Goad in his van: "Can you imagine a higher moral calling than to destroy some one's dreams with one bullet….

Two years later, three teenage British neo-Nazis killed themselves after reading Goad's essay about suicide; one left Goad her life savings so he could continue his work. And the Charlottesville rally, where Heather Heyer was killed and hundreds of men marched to the chant "Jews will not replace us," was organized by a onetime member of the Proud Boys, founded by one of Goad's chief admirers, Gavin McInnes. McInnes did not respond to requests for comment. Goad's inflammatory writing is rightly protected by the First Amendment.

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