How to find my friend id on myspace

After you add a friend on either site, Facebook or MySpace will send you a If you find your friend's Facebook profile, click "Add Friend" beside the picture in the list; If you do not know your friend's Facebook ID, you can search by name.
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So what happens if you want to try and view hidden comments and friends on Myspace?

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Well, you go online and search for a tutorial about how more. The URL is located in the address bar of the browser. The portion that proceeds xigvosw. You can use. Unregistered , Jul 20, From what I can see, the only other things this tracker above offers is a graphical display of pageviews per day and it tells which page on your profile the code was entered. So I think It's not much better, but it's another option if the one I mentioned fails. The "send your friends a bulletin" step is a concern.

I don't want a few friends to be alerted of it Unregistered , Aug 25, Messages: 2, Trophy Points: It allows you to post whatever you want in the bulletin, so there really are no concerns. You can probably do what tweakmonkey recommended and get away with it, otherwise just put what you want in the bulletin and call it a day.

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What if your page is set to private and someone you know is getting on your page stilll that you do not want having access to it??? An you have already have taken numerous steps in blocking this ability such as If I have a tracker will it allow me to view someone getting onto my account???

This I feel is an invasion of privacy and to be honest a little scary because this person is going through great links to see what I am doing!!!!!! Unregistered , Sep 19, Messages: 3 Trophy Points: 0. Also, the last few days they have been having issues with the SQL code so when you login there is an error message.

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I know some DBA's would be looking for another job by now in some corporations. Unregistered , Oct 14, What about placing or using say your default image, i have seen people who place even a full image on the private page Drutort , Oct 28, Just shocked, looking for a myspace visitor tracker and the big nekkid guy as your sample in advertising at top of your page definetly from my local area. Had someone else look at the pic its him.

Pretty scarey knowing a stalker lives close by. Definitely going to hook this up when I get home.

Unregistered , Nov 15, How accurate is the range of the location? Could this just be a wireless connection?? Or is there someone looking at my stuff in the park?????!!!!!!!!! What if they long in somewhere else, a diff comp. A screenshot of Kamkar's MySpace profile, taken on Oct. Image: Samy Kamkar. The number climbed up to over a million, just a few minutes before MySpace went down.

The company had to take the site offline to figure out what was going on and purge the worm.

How do I add a MySpace friend if they don't have an "add as friend" link? - Ask Dave Taylor

I felt really bad," Kamkar tells me. But there was nothing he could have done at that point—once he released the worm it was already too late, given that it spread all by itself. After around two hours the site went back up. His profile had been deleted. Kamkar speaks at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas in Image: Dan Tentler. Kunal Anand, who became director of security at Myspace a couple of months after the incident, says that at the time the Samy worm hit, the company had "almost no security team," and "had no idea what to do. No one had seen anything like Samy's worm. It was a "watershed moment for the industry," Anand tells me. Jeremiah Grossman, a web security expert and founder of the firm WhiteHat Security, says the Samy worm was "one of those moments that every expert in the industry was waiting for.

Kamkar's worm, despite its quick spread, was ultimately harmless: all it did was get him friends and add a few words to the infected people's profiles. But if Kamkar had been a criminal, or someone with more devious intentions, he could have taken over their accounts.

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As Grossman puts it, Kamkar "had the ability to do whatever he wanted. The technique that the young hacker used is known as a cross site scripting attack , often abbreviated as XSS, where an attacker injects malicious code into a website, tricking the site, and the users' browser, to execute the code. People who knew about web security were aware that it was possible to attack most sites the way Kamkar did, according to Grossman, but but no one had taken the threat seriously until the Samy worm. We knew every site had it, but no one had really demonstrated what could you could do with it," Grossman tells me over the phone.

At the time of the Samy worm, 80 to 90 percent of websites were vulnerable to similar attacks, according to Grossman.

Ten years later, only 47 percent of websites are likely to have the same vulnerabilities, according to data gathered by WhiteHat's Security in Without the attention that Kamkar's worm got, perhaps it would still be a more widespread issue. In the years to come, websites and browsers beefed up their security against cross site scripting attacks, but there were still some notable attacks. In , for example, several Yahoo users' email accounts were hijacked thanks to a similar vulnerability.

And last year, hackers found a XSS bug in Tweetdeck that allowed them to force annoying popups.