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If you are like most people, you might not have been aware that public records even exist. However, if you are working on legal matters, genealogy research.
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Divorce Records Family Court. Drainage studies. Encroachment permits. FEMA elevation certificates. Land use applications. Land use documents. Offsite improvement plans. Subdivision maps. Subdivision maps and lists. Traffic study and civil records. Voter registration records.

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You may request a transcript for a specific hearing or trial from the court reporter. Contact the court or clerk's office to request these documents.

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You may also search mycase. Some documents in some cases may be available, but if you aren't able to access a document on mycase. In that instance, contact the clerk's office in the county where the case is heard. Note that mycase. If you wish to make a public records request, you may complete our online form.

Article Section Breadcrumbs Courts Public Records Current: How to Request Public Records How to Request Public Records Whether you're looking for your own records, records for family members, bulk data or making a public information request, the information below should point you in the right direction. Information about dates of marriage and divorce may be searched online, but marriage licenses or certificates are not available for these records: Search for marriage licenses to present Search marriage records before and from forward Search mycase.

Adoption records Adoption records are confidential under Indiana law and are not available online. A birth or death certificate Birth and death certificates may be ordered online, by mail or by phone through the Indiana State Department of Health. When records are not available digitally, you will often have to physically go to the court, agency, or other source of the record.

Free vs. As a general rule, you get what you pay for.

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Specific sources vs. If you need assistance accessing this module from your Lexis Advance account, please contact the Reference Desk. Finding People. Tips: Try alternative spellings and likely misspellings. Hyphenated surnames may appear in either order, as only one name or the other, or as a middle name and surname.

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Look for prior names e. Social media can provide a wealth of information see the "Social Media" section, below. Try "old school" methods like calling Directory Assistance to find a current phone number especially for landlines. Try to limit the geographical scope of your search as much as possible or use any "associated with" information that may be provided to narrow down the options. Always try to confirm the information you find from another, independent source.

Although landline phone numbers are made public via Directory Assistance by default, cell phone numbers are private by default and the owner must "opt-in" to make them publicly available. As a result, cell phone numbers are rarely found in free or low-cost databases. Databases will often tell you exactly what their coverage is i. Free Locators Below are some FREE directories you can use to find people many more exist — you can easily find them by googling.

PeopleSmart Essentially the same as BeenVerified. ZabaSearch Includes a reverse phone look-up option. Locate Plus. TLOxp Subscription based. Harvard Law School does NOT subscribe to this service, but you should know it exists and is a reliable resource. Accurint Subscription based.

Harvard Law School does NOT subscribe to this service, but you should know that it exists and is a reliable resource. Social Media People often "broadcast" information using social media.

It searches the "Deep Web" meaning sites that aren't typically indexed by search engines like Google and allows you to search by email address or social media username. Twitter - Advanced Search Use to tailor a Twitter search to specific date ranges, people, sent from geographical locations, and more. Must be logged into Twitter. Remember to search in "Private Mode" if you don't want someone to know you've been reading their profile! Personal Records. Vital Records, etc.

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It also provides some information on obtaining vital records from abroad. A processing fee and shipping costs are added to the otherwise applicable cost of obtaining the document directly from the relevant agency. Massachusetts Registry of Vital Records and Statistics Please note that vital records cannot be browsed online.

Amendments or corrections to birth, death, or marriage records can be made. More detailed information is available online. Massachusetts Vital Records The Massachusetts Secretary of State's Office maintains this searchable database of vital records from the Massachusetts Archives. Massachusetts Probate and Family Court This website contains information about the adoption process, gaining access to adoption, divorce, and other records, information about name changes, and more.

Professional Licensing Many professions require licensing by states or by the federal government, in the case of professions that extend across state borders e. Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure: Check a License Use this site to check if someone has a valid professional license or permit. The Division of Professional Licensure regulates over trades and professions in Massachusetts. Lawyer Licensing American Bar Association Use this site to identify the agency that licenses lawyers in a particular state.

By going to the state agency's website, you can find out if someone is licensed to practice law in that state. Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers Use this site to see if someone is licensed to practice law in Massachusetts.

You can also find out when they were admitted to the bar and if they have ever been publicly disciplined. Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine By looking up a physician's profile, you can confirm they are licensed, see what specialties they may have, learn about their educational background, and see if they have ever been disciplined or reported to the Board for malpractice. Although the site is free, it does require registration. Although registration is required, prior military service is not required. National Archives - Military Records A good starting place to find military records.


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NOTE: military records do not become part of the National Archives and therefore public records until 62 years after a service member's separation from the military. Until that time, they are non-archival records and subject to access restrictions. Official Military Personnel Files - Non-Archival Holdings These non-archival records are subject to access restrictions and only limited information or copies of documents may be released to the public. Criminal Records If you need to discover or confirm someone's criminal background, there are a variety of tools you can use.

Be aware that the Criminal Records part of this site is a "premium" search that costs money. Check the "View Our Coverage" link to determine exactly what information a particular state makes public and therefore will make available to this site. You may be better off going directly to the appropriate state source.